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Secret Garden Oatcakes


You can trifle with your breakfast and seem to disdain your dinner if you are full to the brim with roasted eggs and potatoes and richly frothed new milk and oatcakes and buns and heather honey and clotted cream.

The oatcakes of Yorkshire, where the Secret Garden takes place, are a pancake made from oats and leavened with yeast, and are the type of thing that Mary, Colin, and Dickon were able to make on their little oven in the hollow. They can be eaten savory, such as wrapped around sausages, or sweet, as they are here, topped with peaches, honey, and whipped cream.

Secret Garden Oatcakes

Adapted from Stafforshire Oatcakes

  • 150 grams oats, blitzed fine in a food processor
  • 50 grams wholewheat flour
  • 100 grams all purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 300 milliliters milk
  • 300 milliliters water
  • 1 packet quick-rising yeast
  • butter for frying

Whisk together flours, salt, sugar, and yeast. Gently heat the milk and water until warm (but not hot), and mix into the flour mixture. Cover with plastic wrap and set aside for one hour.

On a pan or skillet, heat butter, and fry the batter as you would pancakes, flipping after a few minutes on each side.

Serve as a savory flatbread, or topped with fruit, honey, and whipped cream.

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