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Holidazzle Eggs

Dale: OK, for those who’ve just joined us, Katie is gonna show us how to make Holidazzle eggs at home. Now, Katie, I gotta admit.
Katie: What?
Dale: I was a little bit surprised when I first picked this up. This is an empty egg.
Katie: That’s right, Dale.
Dale: There was an egg in here, right?
Katie: Yeah.
Dale: OK, well, how do you…You don’t have an empty chicken somewhere that lays empty eggs?

–”FARGO”, 1996 film by Joel & Ethan Cohen

Right before as well as during the wife-kidnapping scene in the “Fargo” film, the TV is turned to a morning show and the hosts are talking about Holidazzle Eggs. One co-host describes them as “empty eggs” and makes a silly joke about empty chickens. The Holidazzle celebration is a real event in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota, but I wasn’t able to find any information specifically linking the craft of blowing out eggs, or “empty eggs” as they said, to the occasion. As a child my mom, sister, and I would make these eggs for Easter, but, because they can be strung up like ornaments, they would be great for Christmas too.

Note: The above quote is from a transcript of the film, with the dialogue just as I remember it, but a script I found for the film which perhaps is from before the film was completed, has the host saying “So I separate the – how the heck do I get the egg out of the shell without breaking it?” and the hostess says “You just prick a little hole in the end and blow!”. So there you have a little more insight into what they’re talking about.

Holidazzle Eggs (AKA Empty Eggs)

  • 1 Raw Egg, room temperature (or however many eggs you’d like to make)
  • An Awl or Thumbtack or Pin
  • Ribbon or Floss
  • Craft Paint or Glitter Glue (or glitter + glue)

Shake the egg vigorously to break up the yolk & white inside. Over a bowl, carefully puncture one end of the egg with the pin or awl, creating a hole 1 – 2 mm in diameter. Flip the egg over & repeat this to the other end.

Gather your breath & blow hard into one end to expel the broken up yolk & white out of the opposite end & into the bowl, pulling any clump of white or membrane out at needed. Once you’ve gotten all of the innards out that you can, put some hot water into a separate bowl & place the egg into the water, bottom opening down, & suck in just enough to get some of the water into the shell. Lift the egg, close off the holes with your fingers, & shake vigorously to clean out the inside. Blow the water out into the sink & repeat until the inside is clean. Sit the egg aside over night to dry. Fry up the blown-out egg yolk & white to make scrambled eggs ’cause “you gotta eat a breakfast”.

Once the egg is dry, thread a needle with floss or thin ribbon & pull it through the egg to make it hangable. Paint the egg shell however you’d like, or use glue & glitter to make it dazzle!

Listen to the episode! Episode 28: Fargo

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