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Grimm’s Fairy Tales

Nibble, nibble…mmmm, children…

Diana and Carrie discuss the enchanting but often depressing Grimm’s Fairy tales.

Things we discuss include: German cultural identity, DNA of fairy tales, commonplace starvation, herbal abortion, the beautiful imagery of a handless maiden eating a pear, and lots of recipes and recipe ideas.

Things we completely forget to mention: the resurgence of fairy tales in pop culture, including many, many current TV shows, movies, a books. Oops. We were firmly stuck in 1812 for this one (and a touch in the 1980s).


Bonus Recipe: Hazelnut & Parsnip Soup w/ Hazelnut Crackers (for Disney’s “Tangled”) on Diana’s site “Food Adventures in fiction”.


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  1. Hadas @ Common Room

    Really enjoyed this episode. I’ve been a relatively new subscriber to the Fiction Food emails and was really excited to see a podcast ep on this topic. We’re kind of obsessed with fairy tales lately on our site and I loved learning more from you two!

    1. carrie

      Thanks so much, Hadas! Wow, your name means “fairies” in Spanish, coincidence? Will definitely have to check out your site for more fairy tale stuff, we can’t get enough either 🙂

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