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Carrie lives in North Carolina with her two stinky adorable children. She loves fairy tales, dark and quirky movies, scarves and boots, dreary days, homegrown lavender, and her favorite apron. By day she designs financial software and drinks too much coffee, by night she plays with the kiddies, cooks spicy food, does yoga and watches too much TV.

Where you can find Carrie:
Witchy Kitchen
Twitter: @vvitchykitchen
Instagram: witchy.kitchen


Lover (too much!) of food and cooking and baking. Mom to one beautiful and cool little girl, wife to one awesome Air Force guy, and adopted caretaker to one gorgeous lady-cat. Diana was born in Germany but spent most of her childhood on a family farm in Virginia, exploring the woods and waiting for fairies. Her favorite sound is storm wind blowing through trees and her favorite smell is petrichor; the scent of rain on dry earth. By night she is often kept awake by her brain going a million miles a second thinking of things to make, and by day she is usually in the kitchen making huge messes, working and reworking recipes for this podcast and her fiction food blog.

Where you can find Diana:
Fiction-Food Café
Twitter: @fictionfood
Instagram: fictionfood