Holidazzle Eggs

Dale: OK, for those who’ve just joined us, Katie is gonna show us how to make Holidazzle eggs at home. Now, Katie, I gotta admit.
Katie: What?
Dale: I was a little bit surprised when I first picked this up. This is an empty egg.
Katie: That’s right, Dale.
Dale: There was an egg in here, right?
Katie: Yeah.
Dale: OK, well, how do you…You don’t have an empty chicken somewhere that lays empty eggs?

–”FARGO”, 1996 film by Joel & Ethan Cohen

Right before as well as during the wife-kidnapping scene in the “Fargo” film, the TV is turned to a morning show and the hosts are talking about Holidazzle Eggs. One co-host describes them as “empty eggs” and makes a silly joke about empty chickens. The Holidazzle celebration is a real event in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota, but I wasn’t able to find any information specifically linking the craft of blowing out eggs, or “empty eggs” as they said, to the occasion. As a child my mom, sister, and I would make these eggs for Easter, but, because they can be strung up like ornaments, they would be great for Christmas too.

Note: The above quote is from a transcript of the film, with the dialogue just as I remember it, but a script I found for the film which perhaps is from before the film was completed, has the host saying “So I separate the – how the heck do I get the egg out of the shell without breaking it?” and the hostess says “You just prick a little hole in the end and blow!”. So there you have a little more insight into what they’re talking about.

Holidazzle Eggs (AKA Empty Eggs)

  • 1 Raw Egg, room temperature (or however many eggs you’d like to make)
  • An Awl or Thumbtack or Pin
  • Ribbon or Floss
  • Craft Paint or Glitter Glue (or glitter + glue)

Shake the egg vigorously to break up the yolk & white inside. Over a bowl, carefully puncture one end of the egg with the pin or awl, creating a hole 1 – 2 mm in diameter. Flip the egg over & repeat this to the other end.

Gather your breath & blow hard into one end to expel the broken up yolk & white out of the opposite end & into the bowl, pulling any clump of white or membrane out at needed. Once you’ve gotten all of the innards out that you can, put some hot water into a separate bowl & place the egg into the water, bottom opening down, & suck in just enough to get some of the water into the shell. Lift the egg, close off the holes with your fingers, & shake vigorously to clean out the inside. Blow the water out into the sink & repeat until the inside is clean. Sit the egg aside over night to dry. Fry up the blown-out egg yolk & white to make scrambled eggs ’cause “you gotta eat a breakfast”.

Once the egg is dry, thread a needle with floss or thin ribbon & pull it through the egg to make it hangable. Paint the egg shell however you’d like, or use glue & glitter to make it dazzle!

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Mrs. Weasley’s Homemade Toffee

HP Toffee full plate 1

Hedwig didn’t return until the end of the Easter holidays. Percy’s letter was enclosed in a package of Easter eggs that Mrs. Weasley had sent. Both Harry’s and Ron’s were the size of dragon eggs and full of homemade toffee.

–Chapter 28, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J. K. Rowling

          This is a recipe that my mom has made since I was little, probably since before I was born seeing as how the recipe came from her mother (ultimately from an old Betty Crocker cookbook). I remember biting into the rich, crunchy, chewy layers as a child, and again as a student in college, and still later as a new mom. Whenever my mom sent a holiday package, and sometimes in random care packages, she’d include a container of this homemade toffee. I really came to look forward to it – of course because it tastes good, but also because it was something that my mom took time to make (one of the beauties of making food for others; it’s more than just the end product, it’s also the emotion that goes into it).

          Revisiting many of the foods in the Harry Potter series and coming across the scene with Mrs. Weasley’s toffee, I realized that I hadn’t received toffee from my mom in a long while, years even, because Life, it has a way of moving forward and leaving somethings forgotten. Because of my personal experience and nostalgia though, and how it’s reminiscent of Momma Weasley sending holiday packages of toffee to her kids (Harry and Hermione included), I couldn’t pass up the chance to make some with my mom when I was visiting this past Thanksgiving. Even my little one helped, so there were three generations in the kitchen making this special treat, that now, come to think of it, spans four generations. It’s easy and tasty and perfect to package and send to loved ones, or simply plop on a plate for a holiday gathering.

          I have a feeling that the next package my mom sends will probably have toffee in it ;). For more Momma Weasley food, try my Magic Fudge!

Mrs. Weasley’s Homemade Toffee

  • 1 Cup Chopped Pecans
  • 3/4 Cup Packed Brown Sugar
  • 1/2 Cup (1 stick) Butter
  • 1/2 Cup Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

Butter an 8″x8″ pan & spread the chopped pecan evenly over the bottom.

In a medium pot over medium heat bring the sugar & butter to low boil & let it cook for 5 minutes more until it’s creamy & golden brown. Immediately pour this mixture over the nuts in the pan & spread it out evenly.

Sprinkle the chocolate chips evenly over the toffee mixture & then cover the pan tightly with aluminum foil. Let the pan sit for a few minutes & then uncover the foil & spread the now melted chocolate into an even layer. Let sit until room temperature.

Using a large sharp knife, cut the candy into about 1 1/2″ squares & then cover & place in the fridge to chill for at least 30 minutes. Remove from the fridge & recut if needed, & then pile on a serving plate or tuck into a wax paper-lined container for gifting/sending.

Optional: Double the recipe & layer everything twice for a pretty stack candy, just cut them into smaller pieces because they’re rich!

HP Toffee bite
Listen to the episode! Fiction Kitchen Episode 27: Harry Potter

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Harry Potter


Diana and Carrie discuss the books that have been ingrained into our culture – plus a Butterbeer Battle, pew pew pew!


One of the winners!


Tasty Time

Main Episode

Intro music clip: “Hedwig’s Theme” by John Williams.
Outro music clip: “Firebolt” by Harry and the Potters. Available for purchase here.

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